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May 15, 2020

Sometimes it can be aggravating to have to constantly change your watch. Not knowing what matches with a certain event, or having an active lifestyle: switching a watch on your wrist should be the least of your problems. That is why we’re coming to you with 5 places that you should wear your classic leather watch, to help you choose how one simple design can go with everything!

  • Job Interview: If paired with the right attire, a leather watch can go perfectly with your job interview outfit! A leather watch will set the tone of professionalism, while also adding a bit of flair to your style.
  • Wedding: Whether it be your own or attending a friend’s, leather watches look great on a wedding day. Have an outfit you would like to dress up? A leather watch will do the trick!
  • Hiking: If you have a versatile watch like any of the Sasqwatch Co accessories, your leather watch can withstand any weather or wear and tear that you might endure. Yosemite National Park or your backyard: this watch can handle it!
  • Dinner: Anniversary coming up? Celebrating a birthday at an upscale restaurant? Perfect. Your leather watch will be a perfect addition to the evening.
  • Around the Office: After you land that job in the interview, everyday wear is perfect for a leather watch. It is a classic look that will exude professionalism and sophistication.